The botanicals carefully infused in Pinky not only give it its pretty pink hue, but also a delicate flavour, ideal for cocktails.

Distillation Process: Five times distilled, using slightly sweet Swedish winter wheat. The distillate is drawn off at the upper end of the temperature range in which only the smoothest vodka is found. Water for distillation is sourced from Lake Vattern, the clearest fresh water in the world.

 Botanicals:  Twelve botanicals are each separately distilled and hand blended into the vodka.  Time is taken to extract and preserve the delicate aromas prevalent in the botanicals.  Pinky is sampled by a team of champion wine tasters to ensure every bottle consistently delivers the stunning taste profile for which it is renowned.

Taste:   The pretty pink hue and delicate flavour are shaped by violets and rose petals, Pinkyís lead botanicals.  Wild strawberries, mango, Italian citrus and just a touch of green pepper are also prevalent.  Esters give Pinky a vibrant taste.

 Striking Packaging:Packaged in a giant perfume bottle that immediately captures the hearts and minds of its audience.

Be Your Own Bartender
The hottest lounge in town? Your living room. Invite friends over for a speakeasy night. Make a menu of old fashioned cocktails or concoct your own specials. Then, set up the bar with all the fixings in an unexpected area of the house (think laundry room, garage, roof, stairway landing, foyer). Give guests a secret knock for the night and hold them to it. And donít be surprised when word gets out that youíre the best bartender around.  Hereís everything you need to pour Pinky like a pro. 
Pinky Vodka
A little Pinky goes a long way: figure one bottle for every four to five guests.
Pinky Cocktail Recipes
A Pinky glass is always half full. For a curated collection of new and exclusive Pinky recipes and mixology videos, check out Cocktail Hour to learn how to mix drinks yourself. For your at-home party, we decided to simplify the drinks for you with three videos showing three simple, easy-to-make, classic cocktail recipes: the Pinky Cosmo, Pink Martini and Pinky Royale. Serve any one of these, or all three, and your guests will be asking you to shake and stir all night long.
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