W&M 40yo

Retaining the pioneering spirit of its founders this equiseta blend is crafted using the same process as used in the very beginning, giving the whisky a deep mellow smoothness.

Expert Craftsmanship

Master Blender Richard Paterson meticulously selected malt and grain whiskies to create his masterpiece.  70% of this whisky was made of rare, aged single malts and 30% from a selection of single grain whiskies.

Tasting Notes

  • Deep Mahogany with dazzling amber highlights

  • Warm aromas of chocolate cake and thick vanilla toffee with hints of American White oak and Amoroso sherry lovingly expressed. Elegant aftertaste of Java coffee and bitter almond chocolate.

Exquisite Packaging

Presented in a hand blown bottle reminiscent of early Whyte and Mackay styles.  Packaged in an antique Hessian bag within a bespoke wooden casket.